Clothes To-Go: 15 Essentials for the Perfect City Vacation | BYRDIE STYLE

Clothes To-Go: 15 Essentials for the Perfect City Vacation | BYRDIE STYLE

Rain or shine, we have the essential packing list for the perfect city getaway.

Culture and beauty abound when it comes to a city break. From museum exhibits and nightlife to slow mornings in a coffee shop or a walk in the park, you can never fully predict your itinerary when it comes to the city. You’ll need a wardrobe that works for more than one occasion, can handle unpredictable weather, and, most importantly, fits in your suitcase. You want to pack items that are both compact and durable for the city of your choosing.

Now that you have your city and agenda in mind, you will want to make sure that you have accessories, tops, bottoms, jackets, and shoes that work for both daytime exploring and a spontaneous night out. Below, 15 versatile and quality pieces to make the most out of your city break.

A perfectly tailored trench coat is essential for any trip to the city. It’s a staple that always looks smart regardless of your location.

You can never go wrong with a fitted long-sleeve top. It can double up as a layer underneath any knitwear or be worn on its own and styled with leggings or jeans. A must-have transitional piece.

A basic knit top that can be dressed up with heels and leather trousers or paired with leggings, sneakers, and a trench for a more relaxed look. Pack two or three colors to mix up your palette.

Leggings really make the perfect packing piece for any city break. Worn casually during long walking days, while traveling, or working out in a hotel room, you can rest assured they will make it out of your suitcase more times than you can count.

Always travel in style but with some extra comfort and warmth. You will never know what temperature change you could be stepping into.

Save your heels for the evening and sneakers for a lazier day, because a sturdy pair of black loafers can take you just about anywhere. Paired with jeans, leggings, or leather trousers, you are set for any look.

A solid pair of well-fitted jeans will never steer your wrong. Opt for a pair you can feel comfortable in all day long and will make it easy to go from day to night.

A slinky heel is probably the most versatile shoe you could ever own. You can seamlessly go from dinner to a night out and not have to worry about your wardrobe not living up to the occasion.

An LBD can be as refined or as extravagant as you desire. Even if you only plan one extravagant dinner on your trip, your LBD has you covered.

A pair of sneakers are essential for keeping pace in any city. Whether you’re choosing to explore on foot or diving in and out of taxis, a quality sneaker is a must while traveling.

You can never run out of options with a longline cardigan. Wear it as a dress with heels for a dinner outing or leave it open with jeans and a tank top for seeing the sights. Versatility is key.

Accessorize any outfit with jewelry⁠—necklaces, bracelets, earrings, whatever you choose⁠—to personalize your style with a selection of pieces you adore.

Rain or shine, you can’t pack for the city without a pair of sunglasses in your hand luggage. As unpredictable as the weather may be, sunglasses will always be a hit⁠—even if they’re just for some added style points.

Add some extra glitz on top of your usual face mask with a glitter option from The Mighty Company.

You’ll need a suitcase that is robust, glides swiftly through the airport, and stays secure to keep your travel essentials safe.


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