The Art of Soft Sculpting with Tasha Reiko Brown | Rose Inc

The Art of Soft Sculpting with Tasha Reiko Brown | Rose Inc
Makeup trends come and makeup trends go, but one cosmetic objective that’s held strong for decades is adding shape and dimension to the face. Contouring—a method of dramatically defining facial features by placing complexion shades lighter and darker than the skin in the hollows and on the high points of the face—has maintained massive popularity among the Instagram and YouTube communities for years. But according to renowned celebrity makeup artist Tasha Reiko Brown, there’s a way to accentuate our natural features and achieve the perfect amount of definition without layering tons of product or spending tons of time. It’s called soft sculpting, and Brown thinks it’s a game changer for everyday makeup.

“When you sculpt the face, you bring out the natural highlights and shadows. It’s the perfect backdrop for an enhanced lift,” she explains. “Soft sculpting is more refined and more elegant than the harsher contouring we have been used to. It’s about diffusion and softly carving out the architecture of the face.” With over two decades of industry experience and a client list packed with heavy hitters from Tracee Ellis Ross to Gabrielle Union, Lil Nas X and Alicia Keys, Brown knows a thing or two about customizing makeup to serve the individual. “It’s about working with the lovely and unique features we individually have. We run into issues with makeup when we try and sculpt something that isn’t there,” she says. Here, Brown lays out her soft sculpting protocol.


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