I Tried the New Anastasia Beverly Hills Summer Collection, and It’s a Total Dream | POPSUGAR

I Tried the New Anastasia Beverly Hills Summer Collection, and It’s a Total Dream | POPSUGAR

The brand mastered brows and eyeshadow palettes, and now Anastasia Beverly Hills’s latest product launch has mastered the art of cream products — the formula of the summer. Expanding on its already-incredibly complexion base, the brand launched three new products: a Cream Bronzer in seven shades, a Stick Blush in five shades, and a Stick Highlighter in six shades.

“Our summer collection was the perfect moment to showcase the range, because one of the things I love most about all these products is that you can wear them if you’re not wearing any makeup at all,” Claudia Soare, president of Anastasia Beverly Hills, told POPSUGAR. “That’s important because they have that matte, second-skin, no-transfer, no-greasiness feeling and they’re really light, but it has amazing, buildable coverage.”

Soare explained the range was designed with durability, wearability, and a shift in consumer behaviour in mind. “During the pandemic, it became clear that people were naturally wearing less makeup — people were spending more time at home, or, if they were going out, they were wearing masks, which rubs your makeup off. Because this new cream collection doesn’t have that ultra-slippery, tacky, waxy texture, and because the products set like second skin — almost like a matte-to-dry-powder — they’re not going to pick up your foundation from underneath and create patches or leave your makeup looking crazy once your mask comes off,” she said. “The [products] are super comfortable to wear and enhance your natural beauty to give your complexion a fresh-faced, summery feel, which is what people are really looking for right now.”

Keep reading to get all the details on the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Bronzer, Stick Blush, and Stick Highlighter — and, of course, to shop them too.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Bronzer

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Bronzer (£33) is dedicated to where some bronzers fall short. “I made sure to do all the things that I don’t want to see — I wanted to tackle that first, so that this performs in a perfect way for you,” Soare shared.

“Cream-bronzer product picks up. It applies a ton of payoff on your body or face, and when you blend it out, the consistency is so slippery that you end up removing most of the product,” she added. “It can also have a lot of slip — especially if it’s formulated with silicones, it would leave a ‘ghosting’ effect on the skin (areas that get much darker than the rest of the face). Also, when it is slippery and pulls on the skin, it will stick to anything, especially if powder is involved, creating dark patches.”

So, as a resolution, the formula was inspected under a microscope to tackle these issues. The Cream Bronzer is matte, creamy, and butter-smooth, and it blends and dries down to a matte and even finish and tackles undertones. It’s pigmented, so you need the lightest of touches as the warm yet satin-like consistency transfers from buttery-soft to completely matte on the skin. It’s also gripping yet creates a natural veil on the skin. The impressive Cream Bronzer contours, sculpts, and softens the complexion all in one.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Blush

For a lot of people, cream blushes are a go-to this summer, so it’s no wonder that the release of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Blush (£30) in five universal shades is predicted to be a hit this season.

A collection dedicated to pink and orange tones, the shades — which consist of Latte (a rosy brown), Peachy Keen (a soft peach), Pink Dahlia (a rose-petal pink), Soft Rose (a deep rose pink), and Peach Caramel (a deep, warm peach) — all are inspired by the second-skin approach. Pigmented yet not overpowering, the blushes provide the perfect amount of flush to the apples of the cheeks and across the nose without being too daunting. Buildable, blendable, and formulated to not smudge the complexion products underneath, these cream blushes are for every skill level, yet create the same seamless result.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Highlighter

What would a cream-product range be without a cream highlighter involved? Although not limited to summer alone, cream highlighters truly come alive in the summertime. Their incandescent properties of reflecting light and adding either a subtle or noticeable radiance to the complexion means they are set to be a summertime favourite year on year.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Highlighter (£32) comes in six shades: Iced Out (peachy-pink gold), Pink Diamond (icy pink), Dripping in Gold (gold with diamond reflects), Cognac Diamond (copper bronze), Bubbly (champagne), and Hot Sand (rose gold) — a selection that covers all skin tones and their highlighting needs. In the tube, the diamond flecks remain stagnant in the smooth yet luminous formula, but as soon as it is diffused to the high points of the face (or body) and is caught by the light, the soft-focus diamond flecks dance on the skin and emit a multidimension of colour, leaving a beautiful finish to the skin — sheer or strong, it’s up to you.



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