We tried Chanel’s new le beiges bronzer shade to see if it works on dark skin tones | INDYBEST via THE INDEPENDENT

We tried Chanel’s new le beiges bronzer shade to see if it works on dark skin tones | INDYBEST via THE INDEPENDENT

It’s the first time the fashion house has extended the range since 2009, so we put it to the test

If there’s one product that Chanel is famous for other than its LBDs or classic flap bag, it’s the les beiges healthy glow bronzing cream.

The lightweight and easy-to-blend cream-gel bronzer comes out to play ever summer, offering a natural but radiant sun-kissed glow. However, many people have rightfully criticised the fashion house for its poor shade offering, as the signature bronzer has not catered to black and brown skin tones since its launch in 2009.

Until now, the only available shade was the “390 soleil tan bronze universel”, and while the name may suggest it’s universal to all skin tones, it fails to show up with the same impact on darker complexions. When we consider how far the make-up industry has come in recent years to improve shade ranges across the board, it’s troubling that Chanel took this long to catch up.

With that said, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the new “deep bronze” shade for dark skin tones in order to put it to the test. Launched as part of Chanel’s le beiges summer light collection, the new range aims to celebrate the beauty of endless sunshine and the carefree days associated with the French Riviera. But does this latest shade make Chanel’s bronzer far more “universal”? We put it through its paces to find out.

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In terms of formula, the les beiges healthy glow bronzing cream in “soleil tan deep bronze” stays true to the iconic formulation of the original. It’s a cream-gel that provides a velvety soft finish and a natural, sun-kissed glow.

The packaging remains beautifully encased in Chanel’s traditional wide jar, and makes picking up product easy; simply swirl a kabuki brush around the compact and apply.

We found when testing the new shade on darker skin complexions that while it appears pigmented in the jar, it requires building up on the brush before applying to the skin to see a visible difference, but this can also be said for the original shade. Hitting the forehead, temples, nose and chin, the bronzer sweeps across the skin with ease and doesn’t apply too heavy on the skin initially.

Ringing true to the collection’s “natural and radiant sun-kissed glow” ethos, the bronzer provides just the right amount of pigment for a natural flush of colour to the skin – immediately warming up the perimeters of the face.

Wanting to test its longevity, we were pleasantly surprised to note how well the colour lasted against the sweat and humidity of the day with no further top-ups needed.

We must admit that the bronzer isn’t for the people who enjoy a full glam look, as it’s more suited for those who prefer the no make-up, make-up look. However, we love its ability to create a natural warmth and radiance to the skin – perfectly timed for summer.

If you have drier skin, we found it best to prep your skin beforehand with a hydrating base or dewy foundation to act as the moisturising layer for the bronzer to then bounce off the skin effortlessly.

For those of us with oily/combination skin types, we recommend finishing your look with a finishing mist to help melt everything together.

The verdict: Chanel les beiges bronzer

Is the newest les beiges bronzer for darker skin tones worth it? Yes, on this basis – it provides a healthy yet subtle glow to the complexion, especially for those who prefer light tints or tinted moisturisers over full coverage foundation.

We loved how it made our skin look and was perfect in adding colour and dimension to the skin. We wouldn’t recommend this bronzer for those that prefer a heavy duty look or something fuller coverage when it comes to their foundation and complexion.

Do we think that there could be more shades in the range? Certainly – Chanel still has some way to go in expanding its colour offering, while the darker shade does cater to more skin tones, it wouldn’t be suited to everyone and in some cases may not even be visible on the skin.

Overall, this is a beautiful addition to Chanel’s bronzer collection and we can’t wait to see more shade offerings because the formula, longevity and finish is impressive.


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