It’s more than a routine—here’s how our beauty rituals are re-connecting us to our emotions.

We all know how disjointing the world has been and because of that we have found ourselves seeking peace, calm and serenity among the small routines as a mode of escape. Turning routines into rituals—either drawing a bath, journaling, meditation or even our 10-minute evening routines—has fast become a place for us all to connect to our emotions and wellbeing as well as becoming the place where we seek our moments of tranquillity.

The impact of stress, anxiety, exhaustion or feeling burnt out, is inextricably linked to how we feel, how our body takes on the burden and how the chemical process within our brain maximises how we feel emotionally. Our rituals come in as a physical or mental force that helps balance our emotions and as a result affects our body’s regulation system controlling our heart, muscles and brain, achieving overall harmony and balance.

“When you truly welcome wellness into your life, it orientates your emotions inwards, you become aware of how your body feels, and you begin to give those feelings and emotions priority and value,” professional biohacker and health coach, Charlene Gisele, tells Gritty Pretty. “This change in one’s intentions towards wellness and beauty is one of minimising to maximise. With wellness, if you look after the mind, the body and the soul, as they are all connected and impact each other, this thinking expands to beauty.”

Chemical processes, the mind and body connection, routines and rituals—it can seem overwhelming when you piece it all together however, ‘emotional beauty’ is just about your ability to achieve harmony between your mind, body and soul. It’s about finding peace among the chaos, and, the best bit? You can introduce just about anything that emphasises your joy and happiness.


Did you know that the section of our brain that processes smell also stores and triggers memories? Transporting the mind to past memories, scent has the ability to briefly take you away from the present moment. The odour molecules that present themselves waft to the brain where mood and emotion are instantly awakened. Building a powerful story against our emotions, scent can sensually reinvigorate the mind. Lighting a candle or spritzing a fragrance can be one small but mighty way to stimulate your senses as a way to calm and soothe your mind and body.

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Sound therapist & meditation expert, Sara Auster, shares: “A sound bath creates an opportunity for us to slow down, disconnect from our screens and heighten our awareness of ourselves and our surroundings. Most of our lives are spent in a state of constant overstimulation and reactivity. By listening deeply and entering a meditative state in a sound bath we are accessing a much-needed moment of pause, acceptance and connection to the present moment. It invites us to examine and understand the space around us, express and manifest thought, share our emotions, and find equilibrium and we all have a desire to feel connected to ourselves and the world around us. Sound healing and specifically a sound bath experience facilitates that in a simple, accessible, and powerful way.”

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Aromatherapy works on a number of levels, from cellular and muscular to a holistic awakening. As energy, aromatics can work to draw out the tension, stress or anxiety that builds within the body. Both comforting and nurturing, oils can also draw out any emotional barriers that can exist within, evoking a sensorial understanding of healing and tranquillity. Combining this with body treatments and massages will help to release the tension building in the body.

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“The emotions evoked if meditating after a stressful day at work versus the emotions evoked while meditating on a forest-bathing walk are going to be completely different,” says Charlene Gisele. “But fundamentally it is about dropping inwards and listening to what your body is trying to tell you. We often suppress many of our emotions due to cultural and societal norms and these suppressed emotions can manifest and get trapped in the body.”

Gritty Pretty’s final word of advice? Do what brings you happiness.



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