It is a given that black people invest in their beauty products and routines and in a report published by Statista, in the US alone we spent $473 million dollars on hair care products alone and that isn’t inclusive of cosmetics, skincare and body products.

Yet, with the statistics showcasing our valued investment in beauty products we clearly still struggle to find valued, talented and recommended salons, clinics and beauty professionals who we can wholeheartedly trust.

There are apps such as Treatwell and Beautystack that cater to finding valued and recommended beauty treatments but what about services that are driven, promoted and created by black practitioners.

Enter BEAUTYNOIR, their mission is for us to navigate a world where black women can easily find, book and review beauty services that meet their needs wherever they go. Deserving the freedoms of our white counterparts – BEAUTYNOIR provides an easy, comfortable and luxury experience for black women to look and feel better.

Speaking with Co-Founder,¬†Naomi Cave-Browne-Cave she shares, ” In the Afro-Caribbean community word of mouth is commonly used to find beauty vendors. Without a good network, 63% of people have struggled to find services. Many Afro-Carribbean services are difficult to find on google because they don’t have a website, or they got lost in the algorithm. Increasingly, more service providers are only on Instagram. The problem is you can’t easily sort by location, review or price”.

Taking matters into their own hand, BEAUTYNOIR launches a directory for black women to find their beauty service tailored to their needs whether its by price, location or review. Designed for making beauty accessible to all, the service is free for customers and for businesses to showcase their services, monthly plans start from £9.99 on an introductory offer.

Take in the New Year with accessible beauty that you deserve with BEAUTYNOIR.


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