I have always preferred a tailored and minimal wardrobe and just in style but in quantity – whether it’s something my Dad had instilled in me from a young age or just the realisation of the amount of clothes I owned during my retail days when staff discount was your best friend.

Older and more aware, I find that investing in great, long lasting pieces each season, pairing with existing styles in your wardrobe and mixing in basics is the key to a ‘forever’ wardrobe. Some may look at my wardrobes and think – Where are your clothes? But I look at it and think ahh! Clean, essential and long lasting.

When it comes to purchasing, I always think long and hard about one: its colour, two: its fit and three: its longevity outside of the “trend”.

Colour – Now I know from years and years of studying and working in fashion that I don’t love colour and prints on me. I prefer muted tones and minimal colours that can interchange between seasons and moods. When looking to add a new piece in my wardrobe, I asses the colour, if its black, white, cream, brown, navy or grey – there is a strong chance that it will suit everything else in my wardrobe.

Now many people often comment with colour creates a statement; but I would much rather make my statement in silhouette and structure.

 The Fit – Every individual has their body hang ups and so when shopping I would rather not emphasize it. I look for pieces that I feel confident in – as they say confidence is sexy. So, if something looks like it sits too short, exposes too much or makes me feel like a squashed sausage, I know it won’t get the cost per wear it deserves! It’s all about knowing what suits you regardless of the trend and opting for confidence over fame.

Longevity – This can come in two forms, the cost and seeing it past one season. Addressing the cost, I will happily invest in quality pieces I know will one, fit and two, the colour suits my wardrobe overall. Coats, blazers, t-shirts (mid-range over high street), shoes and bags are things that I will always look at for investment. I can say this with confidence because it makes up 90% of my wardrobe. I would never invest in a trend piece that sat out of my uniform or invest in a piece that only saw 2-3 weeks of the year and never thought about again.

When it comes to seeing it past one season, I look at cashmere knitwear that will hold season after season, black coats, boots, loafers, white shirts, jeans, blazers – all of these you can guarantee will be worn year after year.

It’s not just about stepping away from fast fashion, it’s about working with pieces that equally compliment your wardrobe, style and pocket.

Don’t spend where you don’t need too.









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