You can never underestimate the power of fragrance, it’s sweet, woody or zesty notes can transport any individual to a particular memory and boost any mood. The best fragrances linger on the skin and turns heads as you walk down the street. Whilst fragrances are trans-seasonal, there is something about a fragrance in the summer that makes an impact. Whether it’s inspired by the sweet yet sultry setting on the Mediterranean or boasting the zesty notes of citrus, summer fragrances add a little extra energy and vibrancy during the warmer months. And right now, the high street is delivering when it comes to fragrance. It used to be that the only decent scents were expensive but recently, that’s all changed. With the likes of Zara and & Other Stories offering up incredible fragrances, I often turn to the high street for perfume.

As the fragrance wardrobe is ever-changing, depending on mood, investing in lust-worthy expensive fragrances can seem quite daunting. Hence our edit of sultry, seductive and fresh scents that sustains it quality but are inexpensive and worth the investment. “Pretty florals always prove to be extremely popular especially with the sparkling notes of orange blossom, tuberose, jasmine and rose” says sustainable perfumer, Amy Christiansen, founder of Sana Jardin, exploring the notes that individuals reach for over the summer months. “If I had to choose notes which best evoke the feelings of summer, I would choose lemon, jasmine, ylang ylang and orange blossom, they will transport anyone to an exotic location”.

With that in mind, I suggest you scroll through my edit of the best affordable summer fragrances.

This is a zesty and fresh scent that lasts throughout the day and leaves sweet touch on the skin.

With top notes of iris root for an earthy feel and sparkling pink pepper for freshness, ‘You’ is heavily grounded in warm notes that connotes a creamy base. Combined the base and top notes create an addictive musk that adapts to each nose uniquely.

Summer encapsulated in a bottle, the floral and fruity combination makes it not for the faint hearted and if you aren’t into overly sweet scents then this fragrance isn’t for you. If you are, then this scent unveils notes of peach, orchid and vanilla, leaving a sassy scent in the air.

Explosive, sexy, sultry and masculine all at once, a unisex fragrance that from the key notes of pink pepper, orange flower and cedarwood, pulls together a balance of rich yet earthy tones that will leave you wanting more.

If there ever was an iconic fragrance collaboration it would have to be between Zara and Jo Malone, the collection carries the unique notes that runs through the Jo Malone fragrances but with a unique twist. Expressing notes of orange flower, neroli and ylang ylang, Jo Malone describes this as “royal and regal moments to be celebrated with orange flowers”.

If the summertime re-inspires fruity, sweet and zesty memories then this lime and basil fragrance is your seasonal go-too. Apart from winning the award for the Best Citrus Fragrance awarded by The Real Beauty Awards, the notes evoke a warmth and sweetness that you will no doubt become addicted too.

Who doesn’t love the arrival of a fresh bouquet of flowers at the door? Imagine that, bottled in a fragrance. This small but mighty perfume is part of the floral family with a light yet heady bouquet of freshly cut flowers.

For a lighter yet vibrant option, fall in love with the ‘Crush Body’ mist. Ignited with passionate notes of pistachio and salted caramel, this is a summer pool party vibe in a perfume. Inspired by the infamous Bum Bum Cream, you will instantly be transported to the sun-soaked shores.

Sparkling yet sweet, draw on the holiday destination memories with notes that burst with freesia, lime blossom and lychee. The sorbet-y notes culminate in a sweet but gentle blend that will immediately lift your spirits.

With its calming blend of green cardamom, iris and coriander, this unisex fragrance appeals to the calming senses and immediately draws you away from any stress. Enjoy your summer without a worry in sight.

This dark and intense aroma is delicately blended with bergamot, plum, vanilla, amber and patchouli. This cocktail of scents come together to truly transform your notion of fragrance. This is not for the faint hearted.

Easy on the nose and non-offensive, Philosophy’s best selling fragrance is light and flirty and perfect for the breezy summer days. Exposing a fresh yet floral scent, this fragrance is perfect if you prefer lighter scents.

This fresh scent is a two-for-one as it also has skincare benefits thanks to the mix of beech, sorbier and blackcurrant bud extracts to moisturise and soothe the skin.

‘Turquatic’ features anemone, lotus, orris and Corsican blue cedar. This intricate blend of notes will whisk you away to the warm and sweet memories of walking along the beach


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