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Dealing with combination skin can be a nightmare as you are dealing with two different skin concerns unlike some who just deal with the one. When understanding combination skin it is important to remember to treat each section as its own concern and use gentle products that can balance out both areas of the skin, this routine looks at how to balance out the skin and keep each element happy.


Combination skin is typically when different parts of the face have slightly different skincare concerns. More often than not the T-Zone ( the central part of the face including the forehead, nose and chin) is oily and then the outer parts of the face, including the cheeks, are drier. When dealing with combination skin it is important to balance out both concerns and treating each concern individually or using products that don’t aggravate the oily and dry areas will help to optimise your skin without irritation.


The first thing to remember about combination skin is that there is no one-size fits all solution and as combination skin can include any skin concern, it is important to tailor your treatment to what affected your skin directly. Typically, combination skin is a war between oiliness and dryness and to combat this you can divide and conquer by caring for both.

Your oily areas or T – Zone should use products that are oil-absorbing or have a mattifying finish and then for dryer areas using an emollient moisturiser to hydrate the skin will help balance out both areas of the skin. Although it may appear to be frustrating to have two routines a general rule of thumb is to avoid products that contain any harsh or skin-aggravating ingredients i.e. fragrance whether synthetic or natural. Every part of your skincare routine needs to be non-irritating and working gentle products such as cleansers and toners into your routine will benefit your skin overall.



A gel cleanser is best when treating combination skin because it is gentle enough for cleansing both the oily and dry areas on the skin. The goal for cleansing is to effectively remove impurities, debris and make-up without stripping the skin or leaving it feeling tight and dry. The NAC Y2 Restorative Balm Cleanser is gentle enough for the most sensitive of skin types, the hydrating balm texture removes daily impurities without causing dryness or irritation. Infused with enzymes to calm the skin, beta-glucan to protect the skin against stress and the unique NAC Y2 formula to preserve the delicate balance of the skin.


As a next step to balance the skin, then applying a hydrating and soothing essence like the Antioxidant Energising Essence is a perfect addition to your routine. Filled with a healthy amount of skin-replenishing ingredients and antioxidants it is well-formulated to balance, hydrate and nourish the skin as one.


If using a rich moisturiser works against the oily sections of the face then opting for a serum may be a great alternative to balance out both skin concerns. The gel-like texture will improve the dry areas as well as lessen the excess oil on the skin’s surface. The Y Theorem Repair Light Serum is lightweight in feel and glides across the skin effortlessly immediately absorbing into the skin without leaving any excess residue and skin is left feeling hydrated. Similarly the Celestial Black Diamond Emulsion is a fluid formula that is perfect for oily skin, aside from its weightless feels and absorbing instantly, the emulsion enhances collagen synthesis for healthier and younger skin as well as the liquorice root extract brightens skin and improves any pigmentation issues.


Exfoliation is important to allow skin renewal but you want the exfoliant to not be too abrasive that aggravates the dry areas of the skin. Applying a BHA exfoliant helps the skin to shed dead skin cells without stripping the skin excessively. Exfoliating with a BHA will unclog and replenish the cells in the oily areas and remove the dry and flaky skin, leaving behind a healthy glow.


Treating combination skin isn’t just about cleansing, toning and moisturising but implementing masking into your routine can help balance the skin. Instead of picking one mask to work across the face, implementing multi-masking into your routine will benefit both the dry and oily areas of the skin.

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