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Your Guide to Seamless Skin before Make-up | 111JOURNAL – 111SKIN

Understanding that make-up needs a great skincare routine beforehand, it is important to know what steps are needed and how to work them into your skin preparation – flawless make up is a result of great skin.


The first step in your skincare routine has to be cleansing, by cleansing you are removing all the dirt, oil and impurities that are sitting on the skin and within the pores. When cleansing, use a product that compliments your skin type, if you have dry skin then working with a cream cleanser will add a greater benefit by adding moisture into your skin as you cleanse. Sensitive skinconcerns should focus around light and natural cleansers that avoid irritation. For oily and spot prone skin, cleansing with products that contain ingredients like salicylic acid will work to clear out and reduce excess oils, a factor that is perfect to combat before applying any foundation, concealer or tinted moisturisers.

When cleansing your face, using lukewarm water works perfectly as to not aggravate the skin and with a coin-sized amount on the fingers, gently massaging the cleanser into the skin for 30 seconds to a minute before rinsing off and patting dry.


Adding a toner into your skincare routine will remove any left over dead skin cells or dirt that has been left behind after cleansing. Toning re-balances your PH levels and really works as a second cleansing step.


Your moisturiser is where you will be adding hydration back into your skin, dependent on your skin type and preference, your moisturiser can be supplemented with a serum. The Y Theorem Repair Light Serum is ideal for both skincare and make-up benefits. Whilst working at boosting collagen production, supporting cell regeneration and defending against environmental damage it also results in a bright and radiant complexion, under make-up this works brilliantly in enhancing the skin post preparation.

“ The only rule I live by is to prep the skin thoroughly, once done so, make-up glides on seamlessly”


Your skin needs exfoliation and by removing the dead skin cells it leaves room for renewal as well as improving the texture of your skin. Radiant skin is well exfoliated skin and whether opting for a physical or chemical exfoliant, the results will have your skin looking its very best


Applying oils, boosters and primers as your final skincare step before applying your cosmetic products will enhance the desired look you are trying to create. Working with oils and skincare boosters acts as another layer of hydration on top of your moisturiser. For oily, combination and spot prone skin concerns, supplementing mattifying products into your skincare routine will work well but a mattifying primer will shield your skincare and work as a protective base before any cosmetic products are applied.

With all these steps your skin is sure to prepped perfectly and make-up blend effortlessly.


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