Are you new to a skincare routine or faced with products you don’t know how to use? Skincare can be a maze of products, ingredients and applications but there is a simple way to combat this and still have great skin. In three easy stages this grooming guide will leave your skin smooth, hydrated and refreshed.


Exfolactic Cleanser

• Swap out your soap or shower gel with the Exfolactic Cleanser.

• Works as both a cleanser and toner, saving time effectively.

• Removes dirt, oil & dead skin cells that improves the skin’s firmness.

A daily ritual that can’t be skipped in any daily skincare routine is cleansing. Its benefits are far too vital to ignore and a quick lather of soap or rinse with shower gel will not suffice. Cleansing removes the dirt, grime and excess oil build-up left over from a long day and by cleansing both morning and evening will leave the skin feeling and looking refreshed. Men’s skin is naturally thicker, so oil tends to build rather quickly, making it an imperative to cleanse twice a day.

When making it a priority to cleanse the skin, then exfoliating at least twice a week adds a greater benefit to the skin’s look and feel. Exfoliating serves to remove dead skin cells, dirt and sebum from the skin that would have led to breakouts. The deeper cleanse that is given when exfoliating penetrates into the pores and removes deep lying impurities, blockages and blackheads.


Celestial Black Diamond Emulsion

• Apply after washing to re-hydrate the skin.

• Lightweight formula that combats oiliness.

• Tightens and smoothens the skin.

Replenishing your skin with a moisturiser is your way of adding hydration and vitamins back into the skin and moisturising forms a protective barrier over the skin, which helps prevent dirt from clogging the pores and bacteria turning into breakouts. Selecting your moisturiser based on your skin concern is important as oily skin types should opt for a product that is light in feel but has mattifying elements that will keep oil and shine at bay. For dry skin concerns then a slightly heavier amount can be applied, ensuring the skin is hydrated through your touch.

A step that can be combined with moisturising is applying SPF on a daily basis, without it your skin is at risk of sun damage as soon as it is exposed to natural light or UVA & UVB rays. To avoid damage like sunspots, wrinkles and discolouration, applying an SPF or SPF moisturiser will benefit you in the long term.


Sub-Zero De-Puffing Eye Mask

• Apply under the eyes and sweep your finger from right to left for the mask to stick.

• Leave on for 15 minutes.

• Reduces dark circles and puffiness.

Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask

•Peel protective film from both sides of the mask.

• Apply from the forehead and spread mask evenly across the face avoiding eyes, nose & mouth.

• Leave on for 15/20 minutes.

• When removing, let the excess residue absorb into the skin.

Known to many skin connoisseurs, there are many other layers that can be added to your skincare routine but to elevate your routine that covers all bases then applying an eye cream is a simple and yet effective step. Combatting dark circles, puffiness under the eyes or fine lines, eye creams work to a concentrated formula that targets the skin under and around your eyes. Used in both your morning and evening routine, your eye cream can be applied after cleansing and moisturising.

AND … in three swift steps, your essential grooming routine is ready.



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