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Our lips have been the centre of attention when it comes to beauty trends and treatments, they have gone through plumping, filling and prodding, but are we really looking after our lips effectively? Like our skincare routines or workouts, our pouts need the time and attention they deserve, especially with the weather transitioning to a cooler temperature. With these 5 simple techniques, your lips will be nourished, hydrated and thriving.


What is usually associated with colder weather is chapped lips. The uncomfortable feeling that comes with dry and cracked lips is one part of our beauty routine we plan on avoiding this season. To eliminate the dryness and flaking, exfoliating your lips will remove the dead skin that causes the chalky feeling. Using a lip scrub or natural ingredients like sugar, to exfoliate the area and then applying a balm or oil afterwards, will be the perfect treat for your lips.


Your lips will get sensitive when they face the harsher environmental pressures on a daily basis and when battling this they can often become de-hydrated and lack lustre. They also do not have the same concentration of oil glands as your skin, so the thin layer of skin on your lips tend to de-hydrate at a faster rate. By hydrating and moisturising your lips with a balm regularly, you will avoid irritation, inflammation and flaking. Hydrated lips will also come from your overall hydration levels so ensuring you are drinking enough water will rejuvenate both your mind, body and lips, result!

Our experts advise to avoid licking your lips as saliva evaporates quickly and your lips will be dryer than before, using a lip balm regularly will be a better fix.


Although the sunlight hours will be drastically reduced, the effects of sun damage are still relevant for autumn. The UVA & UVB rays that we do not see are still a risk to our skin and our lips. To avoid pollution aggravation, using a treatment formulated with sunscreen will ensure you are protecting the lip’s barrier from exposure or irritation.

“ Stay away from irritating ingredients that cause inflammation like quick fix plumping products as the lips essentially will become extra sensitive and uncomfortable” Ziad Halub, Head of Education advises


Whether your lip collection is full of lipsticks, lip glosses or lip stains, it is vital to prep the lips before application. By applying such a pigment it can actually dry and irritate the thin skin resulting in dry, chapped lips. By applying either a primer, balm or oil before the lipstick, it will create a protective barrier for your lips.

Products encased in natural oils like Vitamin E or Coconut oil, work at revitalising your lips and nourishing them before any cosmetic products will keep them hydrated. The Meso Infusion Lip Duois the perfect compact to use and travel with as it contains the powerful oils like coconut oil. The lip treatment works to condition the lips and create a luxurious feel, the serum working to volumise and treat the lips whilst the balm seals and protects.


Your night time routine is just as important as your morning routine as your skin does its best work whilst you sleep. Ensure you are removing all of your make up at night including your lip products and apply a lip treatment, balm or oil to hydrate your lips overnight.

Quick Tip:

Pat, tap or dab and do not roll or tug products onto the lips.


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