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Our eyes are one of the prominent features on our face and as a delicate area they are the first place to show any beauty concern. For brighter and more refined under eyes proper care is needed to nurture and protect the eye area and this can be achieved by nourishing and refining your skincare routine.


All routines have to involve moisturising, as one of the most underrated steps in your skincare routine. Moisturising works to restore hydration and plumpness that helps to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. When moisturising, it is essential to use eye creams, gels or serums that are formulated for the eye area and the refined active ingredients work to target the sensitivity specifically.


Lines around the eyes are natural as we get older, due to the decline of collagen being produced and the lack of elasticity around the eyes, fine lines and wrinkles become inevitable. However targeted eye treatments that include Retinol and Vitamin C, work to smooth any existing lines whilst simultaneously preventing any developing lines from becoming pronounced. Retinol is a key ingredient that increases collagen production, Head of Education, Ziad Halub explains “ it works by increasing the rate as to which the skin cells turnover, this renewal then reveals fresh skin cells leading to a minimised appearance of fine lines and wrinkles”. When using retinol treatments it is important to use a concentrated percentage around the eyes as the strength of the ingredient can be too harsh for such a delicate area. Treatments like the Celestial Black Diamond Eye Mask contain AMF, retinol and vitamins that work collectively to reduce fine lines, boost hydration, retexture skin and improve hyperpigmentation. As well as Retinol, Vitamin C acts as a powerful antioxidant that targets fine lines by stimulating the collagen production and brightening the under eye area.

“ it works by increasing the rate as to which the skin cells turnover, this renewal then reveals fresh skin cells leading to a minimised appearance of fine lines and wrinkles” Ziad Halub, Head of Education advises


Dark circles and puffiness are a beauty concern that many of us suffer with, especially with the rushing and haste surrounding our lifestyles. From sleepless nights, stressful weeks or travelling, our eyes can suffer from many external pressures. When focusing on improving dark circles and puffiness it is important to address not only a good night’s rest and diet but reducing hyperpigmentation around the eye area. Hyperpigmentation can be caused by environmental factors such as sun damage as well as poor sleep and by adding ingredients like hyaluronic acid, you will be plumping the skin and decreasing the transparency under the eyes that gives the darkening effect.


As your eyes lack oil glands they are more prone to dryness and irritation. Dryness and sensitivity around the eyes can evolve as a result from either the climate, using hot water on your skin or cosmetic products you are applying on or around your eyes that causes an irritation. As the eyes are an extremely sensitive area it is important to be delicate, using a gentle cleanser and moisturiser regularly will combat the dryness and including SPF will help protect your eyes from any further sensitivity or damage.


  • As importantly mentioned, avoid rubbing, scratching or pulling around the eye area, tugging at the skin will essentially make your eyes susceptible to wrinkles down the line.
  • Underestimating your diet, exercise and lifestyle, together this trio can completely revitalise your eyes.
  • Be gentle with your eye area.




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