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Whilst we are so focused on anti-ageing, skin brightening, glowing from within or preventing wrinkles, we seem to forget the basics when it comes to our skincare. Stripping back the oils, serums and acid peels, we need to understand the power of simplicity and making sure the foundation of our routine is solid and expertly correct. Cleansing and exfoliating navigate the skincare sphere in waves but for all of your individual skincare concerns, you need to nail your essentials.


We are told by experts and beauty enthusiasts alike that cleansing is vital but why? And how frequent? Essentially cleansing is your way of refreshing your skin’s surface and renewing it after facing the build up of your daily routine. Small glands under your skin’s surface produce an oil called Sebum, this is a naturally developed oil that is built to protect your skin from the environment. The dirt, sweat and pollution that builds up on the skin can cause a blockage in the follicle, trapping all of the above. Efficient skin cleansing then clears the pores, preventing build up and reducing the chances of breakouts.


Our experts advise that cleansing twice a day is important, especially for make-up wearers, and the evening cleanse is the session that will reinvent your skin. By double cleansing your skin at night you will ensure, firstly, you are removing the day’s pollution with an initial wash and then following a secondary cleanse that will penetrate deeper into the skin and allow for the follow up products to work their magic. Spending time on your cleansing routine is important, at least 30 seconds to a minute on each cleanse to optimise each stage is recommended. Not only will a double cleanse clear the skin but it sets the skin up for the regeneration that takes place overnight. As the skin requires oxygen to effectively re-invent itself, double cleansing allows for the cells to develop the vital nutrients and generate the free radicals needed. Your morning cleanse is also important, it essentially tidies up the work that your skin has gone through overnight by removing toxins, dead skin cells and excess oils that would have developed.


Over cleansing can also be harmful to the skin, and doing so can strip away the natural oils that the skin so vitally needs. By harming the protective barrier you are opening the skin up to dryness, irritation and sensitivity.

Be watchful as to the water’s temperature, our experts recommend that a tepid temperature is best, as it protects the skin’s needs and the active ingredients brought through by the other products.


The focus in many routines is to achieve bright and silky results, and more often than not, to deliver this result the answer is exfoliation. Our experts say that the key to healthy skin, improving the barrier function and enhancing a smoother complexion is the frequent use of exfoliation. Exfoliation comes in many forms and frequencies, whether physical or chemical and exfoliating in your routine should be tailored to how your skin can handle the harsher process overall. What it does is promote a healthy skin cell turnover, by exfoliating, you sweep away dead skin cells, pollution and product build up. Effective exfoliation also looks at improving your skin’s texture, resulting in your skin looking brighter and feeling smoother.


Exfoliation is focused in two categories, chemical or physical, although they do the same job, they offer slightly different options in regards to exfoliating. Physical exfoliation looks at products that contain small particles or a textured surface and works at scrubbing away the dead skin. On the other hand, chemical exfoliation works at aiding cell turnover and active ingredients inside chemical exfoliants focus around AHA’s and BHA’s. AHA’s work to dissolve the hold that bonds the dead skin cells, resulting in smoother skin and is recommended for dryer skin types. BHA’s are oil-soluble and work to reach under the skin, they offer a more in-depth exfoliation overall and is recommended for oily and spot prone skin concerns, as they dissolve sebum ( an oil-based bacteria). Combined, the molecules work effectively in a chemical exfoliant to re-invent the skin. Both efforts can compliment one another when exfoliating your skin and we recommend 2 or 3 sessions a week.


Do not over do your exfoliation, this can cause the skin to be extremely sensitive, and can in fact cause the opposite desired effect, exposing the skin to dryness and damage.

Cleansing and Exfoliating work at preparing your skin to receive its best results, they remove the day’s pollution and boost cell renovation. Importantly focusing on your skin’s foundation is bound to boost its best feel yet.



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