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Fantasy vs Reality: Today’s Girls in their 20s. | NATEISHAMONIQUE

Firmly sitting into my twenties now and being around so many women of a similar age group certainly brings up an array of conversation from paying bills to praying for success, career building to simply building a budget, creating memories to creating a never-ending to-do list. Your 20s are a decade of life lessons, laughs and experiments – but a lot of the time we imagine our 20s to be the decade of everything fitting into place – says our 16 year old selves. Who remembers the idea of landing our dream job straight out of university at 21, marry by 25, built a career by 30 with a couple of children in tow, all the whilst having an ever ending closet in a dream house – fantasy right?

I mean is that even achievable in the space of 10 years especially with the amount of learning happening during this time, developing a career on its own takes 5 years at least, and lets not even open the conversation of dating, online apps and the world wind the opposite takes you on all in the same space. We built a fantasy decade of our 20’s and with so many women experiencing a realistic time in their 20’s, here are some thoughts:

Just be happy about the little things rather than thinking about what you are doing isn’t enough, e.g. don’t use other people’s accomplishments as your foundation.  – 21 years old.

Money doesn’t grow on trees & Sometimes you outgrow people: friendships, relationships etc – 25 years old.

It is the time in which women come into their own and feel the most within ourselves. – 27 years old.

You can say no, family really are everything & you don’t grow in your comfort zones. – 26 years old.

No-one else opinions really matters apart from yours & stay communicating with loved ones and friends, or else you will find yourselves drifting without knowing why. – 23 years old.

To not be so broke before payday even arrives. – 23 years old.

Self love is so important and taking time out to take care of yourself and make time to do things you want to do whether that be uni/work/a hobby rather than doing things for others – 21 years old

Be kind to everyone you meet because you never know who you will meet in the future, you could have just bumped into your future boss. – 21 years old.

Men are twats but the first break up is always the hardest, take the good in everything and learn the lessons rather than dwelling on the negatives from the relationships. – 21 years old.

Love just isn’t what you thought it would be when you were younger. – 25 years old.

With jobs; you assume that you just end up doing something you love and that isn’t always the case, you need to work hard for what you want out of life. – 25 years old.

Don’t age faster than you have to, live in your youth. – 23 years old.

Your 20s is for risk taking; be sensible and wise but don’t play safe. – 23 years old.

Focus on your own lane as everything happens at a different time for everyone and speak up when you are uncomfortable. – 26 years old.

Working on your own confidence is everything and money truly doesn’t rule happiness. – 25 years old.


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