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1X1 Studio is an emerging brand by craftsmen Yi-Ling and Tommy, building a brand straight from university, they have brought around the conversation between culture, experimentation and craftsmanship. Speaking to House of Solo, we discuss wearability, fast fashion and unconventional knitwear as we head into AW18.

NS: So, tell me about yourself?

Yi & Tommy: We were classmates at LCF and have collaborated since our final major project at Uni.

Yi-Ling, the founder and director of 1X1 Studio has worked closely with Mary Katrantzou, Julien Macdonald and many other designers before establishing the brand. She is also the winner of FDC Young Designer Awards 2017.

Tommy, 1X1 Studio’s menswear designer and pattern cutter, has worked for Agi & Sam and Céline before deciding to join the force. Tommy is a very detailed oriented maker with a strong focus for craftsmanship.

NS: Thats incredible, how did you get into design?

Y&T: Design is a way to change the world. Fashion is a kind of design that provokes ideas around human beings and sustainability. Waste should be avoided and Fast Fashion needs to die. Fashion needs to be re-thought about and we are keen to make some change to the industry before we can change the world.

NS: Bold but very true statements and what is it you love and/or hate about designing?

Y&T: The love comes from seeing a dream being realised at the final stage, especially after repeated testings and
prototypes. The hate comes from season comes by so quickly. Finishing one season means the next one is knocking on the door already.

NS: Is there something they don’t tell you or teach you in regards to craftsmanship?

Y&T: Craftsmanship is something you learn and develop personally. There’s is just so much that can
be taught but everything you work on and every mistake you make takes you to another level. The
more time you spend and the harder you practice the better you become. I believe there’s always
something to learn on the way.

NS: The fashion world is currently shiWing in terms of designers and their legacy i.e. Virgil Abloh and Louis Vuitton, what legacy do you want to leave behind?

Y & T: To be honest everything happens for a reason. With LV in particular it has business consideration to hire Virgil Abloh as artistic director and so do other brands. I don’t think anyone should be let behind except Fast Fashion.

NS: Talk me through your designs? what is the vision?

Y&T: We are Inspired by how technology has connected us but also (in reality) disconnected people, this season we worked on quite some detachable elements and functions throughout the collection. Mixture of materials is also an aim for us so we can bring out the richness in textures and establish our identity.

Our vision as a brand is to work seamlessly between knitted and woven textile to find a way out of traditional structures of product ranges. We are keen to push the boundaries of the knitwear market in terms of techniques and textures.

NS: What can we expect in your latest collection?

Y&T: You can expect garments with removable parts and can play around with them a little bit. And
our highly exquisite textures and details across various materials including recycled plastic, recycled paper and grosgrain ribbons.

NS: How does 1×1 Studio stand out from the crowd?

Y&T: We are constantly developing and refining our specialised knitting technique so that we can
produce high standard and quality knitted textile. With this approach where we work seamlessly between knitwear and woven fabrications, we believe we are forming a strong and unique identity.

NS: Where do you think the future is for menswear and luxury?

Y&T: I think men’s traditional crafts will make a comeback after long repeated streetwear.

NS: Absolutely what are your plans for the future?
Y&T: To expand our business in scale and focus more towards sustainability.


This Interview was published on House of Solo Online.


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