The future of fashion and retail | nateishamonique

The Future of Fashion and Retail | NATEISHA MONIQUE

The future of fashion and retail | nateishamonique

It is of no surprise to know the struggle around sustaining a strong brand in today’s social media in flux but can we blame the internet for all things turning slightly sour? Although the internet and many social media platforms breed anxiety and pressures, it has also birthed a new retail space that answers our demands as a rising population. It is now in a digital-savvy age that we can have an item in our baskets one hour and delivered to our door in the next – don’t believe me? try with their 90 minute delivery miracle. People spend less times in stores and more times online if they know what they want and peruse the shopping pages if they don’t – but what does that mean for our retail spaces?

Simply put, brands and publishing entities need to up their content game, the consumers want personality, personal experience and engagement if they want to survive the demanding future. You have to look at bigger magazine brands such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan that put on a Festival once a year around fashion, women and entrepreneurship, you then have Elle Magazine that hosts talks throughout several times in the year – the purpose is to educate, stimulate and build a genuine relationship with the current consumer. 

For emerging brands, pop-up stalls are thriving, finding their roots in food and catering, pop-ups have been the hub for creativity, spontaneity and fun. Breaking into the clothing district, finding the fun pop ups for a limited time sparks an immediate interest of get it before its gone, and with the consumer climate the way it is, exclusivity and limited products are the way to catch an individual with the perfect marriage of marketing. 

Other ways brands are capitalising on the digital-savvy is getting involved in tech, we all know that the increase of interest in AR ( augmented reality) and gaming is the future of the generation Z. Although Millennials are getting to grips with the idea of being put inside a video game, we are sucked in quicker to new technologies that make our daily tasks less daunting. We have ‘Alexa’ brought to us to make changing the playlist easier or asking a question in between the pondering on a group chat, we have the birth of Face ID with the latest iPhone X and Nadi X hi-tech yoga pants that downloaded with the app, vibrate and guide the body into the perfect position during the workout. It is clear to see that the need for technology is expanding and brands that are smart with this revelation will pair these beauties perfectly – I heard Zara had a pop up/AR  experience in Westfield Stratford earlier this year, the future is bright, coded and experimental.


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