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galinee beauty | nateishamonique

I was introduced to the brand Galinee through my stint as a Beauty intern at Cosmopolitan, lo and behold I fell in love with a brand that really paid attention to the busy modern woman – one that zips in and out offices, based in the city and juggled a crazy work/social life.

About Galinee

Named the first brand to really take care of sensitive skin, its bacterial ecosystem and the micro biome, Galinee codes itself on protecting the good bacteria that is often stripped away due to our modern lifestyle and the problems around pollution. It has perfected formulations that are high in concentration when it comes to balancing the skin and reawakening active ingredients. 

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The Science

The key ingredient the brand uses sits around Lactic acid, an ingredient we all know to well from other brands especially in seeing and feeling results in our skincare routine. By making sure the good bacterias such as microbame and microorganisms live in sync with one another, Galinee pushes this balance with the lactic acid to see real results for those after brighter, softer and healthier skin. The ingredients combined plays a protective role as a barrier for our skin against agents such as pollution and the overuse of antibacterial products, resulting in nourishment and support for the days we face in the city.

No soaps, SLS or fake ingredients.

galinee beauty | nateishamonique

The Results

I started trialling the products a month or so ago and although the results weren’t immediate, the overall result of my skin a month later is certainly softer and brighter. My own skin concerns revolve around texture and hyper pigmentation but for a simple yet effective brand to break into skincare with – and one that caters to our now urban and busy lifestyle – Galinee has the goods we all need for our skin to feel healthy, clean and supple.


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