A Conversation With: Jade Vanriel, Business Woman and Property Owner.

Jade vanriel interview | nateishamonique


Jade vanriel interview | nateishamonique

Known in the field as a Youtuber, Business Owner & Interior Decorator, and all the whilst holding down a full time job in the city. Jade Vanriel is a force to be reckoned with, a woman I have supported since her first video on youtube telling her property story. Her journey has transcended, from informing us on how she started her career and bought her first flat to her crazy schedule juggling life, career, business and home ownership at 23. I catch up with Jade in between work and business to talk about being a Business woman and Vanriel Co.

Nateisha: So Jade, as a budding business woman, do you have any inspirations or mentors you look up to?

Jade: There are so many women that inspire me to be business savvy such as Patricia Bright. But as my business is quite niche, I don't particularly have a blueprint to follow or a mentor which is something I've always wanted. I guess there is beauty in figuring it out as you go along.

N: Absolutely, I find so many business owners doing it uniquely in today’s culture, and do you find it easy juggling 2 or 3 careers?

J: NO! My day job is very demanding due to my position, but, once I get home I'm either working and promoting across my social platforms or making orders for Vanriel Co. Work never stops for me, but I definitely have more of a balance now compared to when I launched in December 2017.

N: All work and no rest as they say and as a business woman what advice would you give to anyone wanting to start their own side business?

J: I would say to think about it properly before you start... can you give this 100% of your time? Do you have flexibility at work? Is their a real market? do you have an audience for it already? Think about the hurdles you may face and plan ahead for it.

jade vanriel inter | nateishamonique

N: Thats some great advice and if you had to pick your favourite career path that you are currently juggling, what one could you happily and successfully do full time?

J: My problem is one thing just isn't enough for me! Having said that I would happily juggle Vanriel Co, Youtube and a property business any day!

N: Business savvy, I love it! as a Black Woman with a business, do you feel any pressures in today’s culture?

J: I don't feel any pressure and that may be because my business isn't culturally focused, it's interiors and so it appeals to anyone. YouTube is slightly different as I have a very mixed audience, but the pressure I suppose comes from recognition and opportunities from brands which as black women isn't the easiest of things to gain.

N: No, I absolutely agree and especially with women in the creative industries it can be so tricky to gain buy-in from the audience and brands. But, focusing on your achievements, Congratulations first of all for the launch of your homeware brand, Vanriel Co. - talk me through it?

J: Thank you so much, Vanriel Co is is a Luxury Home Interiors brand, focusing on accessories such as velvet Cushions and matching throws, table runners and so on.

N: Wow, an interior’s dream, where did the inspiration come from?

J: Well whilst renovating my home, I found it so hard when finding the furnishings I muster up in my mind, and if i did, I could never justify the prices. One day I decided to sew something for myself, having never sewn before and it just worked so I shared a photo and Wow! it went crazy.

N: In other words a natural progression from a passion project, what have you enjoyed most about the venture?

J: I've really enjoyed expressing my creatively, choosing fabrics and coming up with unique names for each collection, but most of all I LOVE seeing my clients post photos of their homes featuring my pieces.

jade vanriel interview | nateishamonique

The pressure I suppose comes from recognition and opportunities from brands which as Black Women isn't the easiest of things to gain.

N: That’s so exciting and speaking of clients, how important has social media been in pushing Vanriel Co?

J: Instagram has been the only real platform for my marketing. As I launched on Instagram, with posting all of my updates and new collections there. I've began sharing more on my Youtube channel which in turn brings in more international clients particularly in the US and Canada.

N: And finally, your favourite homeware brands to shop?

J: Vanriel Co of course! Eichholtz is a huge inspiration and Dunelm is becoming a favourite of mine.



Shop Jade’s homeware collection at Vanriel Co and follow Jade on her Youtube Channel and socials.


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