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Why Fenty Beauty promises to snatch at your heart strings and purse strings. | THE OTHER MAGAZINE

fenty beauty | the other magazine

Ever since Fenty Beauty launched in September 2017 it has rocked the beauty industry by storm. It has gained an incredible amount of traction for its push for inclusivity and has marvelled in mixing the celebrity and influencer statuses as it has spread and sold out worldwide continuously. With the recent launch of the SS18 collection with Body Lava, mini Match Stick sets and now stocking in Saudi Arabia, Rihanna is certainly proving her earlier statement true in regard to creating a beauty range that not only stands the test of time but includes all women of all races and ages.

This season beauty is all about blue eye shadow ( showcased by KKW X Mario), deconstructed liner and the biggest excitement for the summer glow being glassing. With keywords like ‘wetness’ and ‘natural hydration’ thrown into the crowd when talking about the trend, Rihanna (as her reputation succeeds her) turns a trend or product into a lifestyle, and her latest beauty product launch, body lava, questions the need for wearing clothes this summer.


As a gel-based body luminizer, the body lava is made to coat the skin in a beautiful dewy, high-shine finish and for an anytime use. The light-diffusing micro pearls blended with a sheer colour tint to showcase every woman’s skin tone and glow, marries perfectly with a glitter-coated pom and buffing brush.

Fenty Beauty is not only innovative in answering the demand of make-up for women of colour, but it also is creating a demand from the consumer that is off the high-street. Lipstick shades in every colour, foundation shades from a porcelain touch to a darker hue, a body highlighter making all skin tones glow and a smart marketing campaign to make you fall for the brand even more so. Unique on the market and at a time when beauty is facing a turn of events in regard to inclusivity, Fenty Beauty is perfect for us all, healthy on our purse strings and delivering a quality service as a beauty consumer – Rihanna, what are you doing to us all?

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