Hello Hydration | nateisha monique

Hello Hydration & Sheer Comfort | NATEISHA MONIQUE.

With what appears to be the British spring time fast approaching, our weather forecast is taking us to new heights of 22 degrees (roll on the sun cream), after what seemed to be a 7-month winter downpour, probably a record.

So, with our spring wardrobes slowly coming together, our body getting prepped for the leg-baring, ankle-grazing sun, it’s time to update the skincare routine to accommodate to what seems to be warmer climes.

Hello Hydration | nateisha monique

For the Face.

We need bounce, glow and levels of hydration – For me this is where Clinique’s Moisture surge 72-hour auto-replenishing Hydrator comes into my daily skincare regime. The texture is heavenly, bouncing as you pat it into your skin day and night, with a lightweight feel that melts into your skin as it glides across your face before the morning rush of the day. With the key ingredients being hyaluronic acid, activated aloe water and caffeine, it makes a must-have for the spring time beauty shelf – it’s like soaking your face in cool water and locking it in place for the day. For the eyes, Clinique’s All About the Eyes is the perfect complement for the face cream, together they combat de-hydration, sensitivity, dullness and dryness, areas we want to avoid when basking in the sun for as many hours as we can before it rains. Please don’t forget the SPF, despite us not experiencing heights of 25 plus degrees, you will be surprised of the pesky UVA and UVB rays that find their way through the clouds (even in the British weather). Wearing sun protection all year round, I’ve found that my acne scars are clearing (with specific treatments I am using) and I’m preventing aging (for those many moons to come).

 For the Body.

With more limbs on show than ever before we need to make sure we are prepped and ready, losing the ashy knee caps and dry back feet, a buffing stone is needed before slipping our feet into our highly coveted sandal or kitten heel. For people like me who love soft and hydrated skin, I SWEAR by this moisturising combination,Vaseline’s coco butter radiance with Palmers Coco butter oil, combined this cream and oil come together under the perfect mix of hydration, fragrance and locking in that fresh post shower feeling.

Starting the from shower? A good exfoliate and body scrub always does the world of good! I prefer cheap and cheerful and Boot’s own range of Mango Body Scrub does the job perfectly and adds a beautifully sweet fragrance to the body (and bathroom) afterwards.

For the Wardrobe.

I mean can I finally put away my umbrella, long coats and scarf? This weather has certainly gotten good use out of my winter wardrobe and its finally time to bring out the lighter garments – eek does that mean a small shopping spree is due? I’m living for light dresses with trainers this spring, the odd track pant, white tee and trainer and using blazers as my thickest go-to jacket, one can dream.


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