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It is of no secret that the power influencers have on us as a society is outstanding. This year alone has seen an overwhelming result in the impact of sales regarding influencers, social media platforms and monetisation.

Influencers who get behind products, brands and campaigns thrust its financial bracket to an either sky-rocketing profit or plummeting sales. Lets take recent launches in the past 6 months and showcase the effect social media has had in opening up brands onto a worldwide platform. Lets take Kim Kardashian, although her popularity is far more solidified than the average business owner we have to look specifically at her fragrance and make up lines. Marketed to her audience perfectly she launched her beauty line that aligned immensely with her brand, the minimal approach from the sleek design to her launch hosted in her Bel-Air home and inviting social media influencers such as Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pearson and Elle Ferguson pushed the launch to be something more than a celebrity launching a perfume for the sake of it, smartly followed by her fragrance line. The latest in the concealer collection although her efforts, PR and marketing have improved as more products have been released you have to credit her efforts in pushing a collection that stands out from other brands, she has learnt from other brands in terms of concepts and what works wells verses what does not and has combatted the social media platform that in Instagram perfectly. Her latest contour product released last week shows images that caters to all ages and skin types (despite the questionable layering of skin shades on her black models, but thats for another piece). She has carefully curated her campaign that mirrors success in terms of cultural inclusivity and diversity, all through the efforts of her social media following and brand. 

On another scale we have social influencer Marianna Hewitt who recently launched a skincare line, Summer Friday, stunning imagery, the use of her social media following, smart marketing and inviting her fellow influencers pushed the line to sell out in a matter of days. It is of no effort that online platforms can make a brand excel in ways not done before with the right target audience, marketing and curated visuals to go alongside it. Other success stories include online clothing brand SLNGHR (based in London) that has grown and strengthened in numbers through smart marketing, use of Instagram and showcasing a set of visuals that compel any consumer to be drawn into it.

With success stories such as these it is no wonder that social media has come to a stage of infiltrating and controlling our financial pocket, but not every platform has benefited as successfully. The recent hits have been around Snapchat and now Facebook. These social media platforms used for sharing and communicating with friends and followers have certainly seen the result when influencers “out” them negatively. Firstly we have Kylie Jenner critisizing the new Snapchat update and causing a loss in snapchat users, it is recorded that Snapchat lost $1.3 billion after Kylie’s tweeted the following. Not only that but after the insensitive game published on Snapchat’s feed of a Rihanna and Chris Brown stand off, Rihanna urged her followers to delete the app and even reiterated her dislike for the social media platform, low and behold Snapchat’s shares reportedly plummeted to $800 million.

Not only a loss in shares and Users on Snapchat this year alone, we have the recent scandal surrounding Mark Zuckerberg and leaked data on Facebook. Under investigation for the misuse of data around the social network. As Cambridge Analytica used data that had been improperly obtained to work for behalf of Donald Trump’s election.

It is clear to suggest that the power influencers have around us as a society and our expenditure is an incredible insight and we can only see it getting stronger. Feeling like we relate to them and the hold they have over brands as well as pushing a profit through their bank account, in addition to our wardrobes, is the reason why influencers hold such an esteem today.


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