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Reports Are In: Gender Pay Gap Revealed | NATEISHAMONIQUE

gender pay gap | nateishamonique

So it appears that 70% of the statistics are in and we as women are still being underpaid when it comes to our male counterparts in the majority of the sectors across the UK today.

Earlier in the year, GEO had sent a worldwide request to all companies exceeding 250 employees to reveal the salaries, bonus and hourly rate of their employees both men and women, for this to be published on the ONS (Office of National Statistics). The majority of the results are in and it is shocking to see that the gap between men and women in still so high, the breakdown is as follows:

- Within Education, women on average are earning 50% less than their male counterparts.

Retail Banks
- Lloyds TSB, reportedly have the largest pay gaps in terms of bonuses and median pay gaps.
- Barclay’s has a 43.5% pay gap.
- HSBC a 29% pay gap.

Legal and Investment Banks
- The Legal sector reportedly has a 38% pay gap on average and men specifically working at Slaughter’s and May are also paid more than twice as much as their female colleagues leaving a 55% pay gap in bonuses alone.
- Investment bank Goldman Sachs International reportedly pays women 36% less then men with gaps of 68% for their bonus pay.

TV and Media Publications.
- The Guardian newspaper reportedly has a 11.3% pay gap between men and women.
- BBC holding a 10.7% pay gap
- ITV with a 11.9% gap on average.
- Channel 4 with a 28.6% gap.
- Telegraph Media Group with a substantial pay gap of 35%, from the ONS report it has been made that 3/4 of TMG’s highest paid staff are male and yet 61.6% of women make up the bottom quartile.

These pay gaps are horrifying to see, even within a society that claims it is moving forward in regards to representation and equal opportunities, from this report it honestly suggests that women are undervalued, unappreciated and undercut in many of the sectors within the UK. It puts into question how are the companies being fair (and legal) as from 1970 with the Equal Pay Act, it is a legal right to pay men and women the same who perform the same roles and tasks. Fashion Editor for the Telegraph, Victoria Moss uploaded on her Instagram story her clear disgust for the news about the paper she has worked on for the last 7 years. In a time when the Women’s March is prominent each year and the #METOO movement has been so groundbreaking, it take the breathe away when we truly come to crunch the numbers.

Now with so many statistics revealed, bosses and chairmen, such as Nick Hugh for the Telegraph vow to close the gender pay gap. What are we to do as women? We continue to stick together in terms of solidarity, continue to work hard and show the companies that we are worth the same value as men. Let’s not ruin the impressive movements we have managed to make over the last couple of years in terms of progression and now that there is nowhere for the companies to hide, we surely are on a path to true equality.


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