Meet Creo Robinson and Katey Poutch, co-owners of Manchester based natural beauty brand, KC Beauty. The Marketing students turned business duo discuss the importance of cruelty free beauty products, start-up companies and building a brand.

1. What is KC Beauty?
KC Beauty is a small start-up business that produces natural and organic beauty products. All of our products are vegan, cruelty free and handmade with the up-most love and care.
The original idea that led to the development of KC Beauty started in 2013, when we met at university studying together. We did not only build a great friendship, but our commonalities and interests between us both stemmed the idea of creating a brand that re ects what we are truly passionate about. We want KC Beauty to be known as a natural beauty brand that produces a unique skin care range, by merging honesty, positivity and high quality products (no hidden nasties) at a ordable prices for everyone.

2. Why create a natural based beauty brand?
We believe everyone is beautiful in their own unique way, we just want to aid that by helping you to look after your skin by making e ective products from only natural ingredients, essential oils, fresh organic fruit/vegetables, and plant extracts. Your skin will bene t far more from natural organic products and we hope to show you that along our journey.
“No hidden nasties” is a tag line that we believe in; we don’t want to damage our skin by using harsh chemical products. We also pride ourselves in our values to not test on, or use any ingredients that have also been tested on animals.

3. Who are you targeting?
Ideally, we want our products to be available to everyone, but with us both completing a Marketing degree we know that is not always possible, so we had to re ne our customer.
Our customers are beauty savvy individuals who want to be on trend with the latest beauty products. Aged 18-34, both male and female, they seek out pro- ducts that are natural and look online for natural remedies. They are conscious about what goes onto their skin and if products are tested on animals. They are also active on social media and share their views and thoughts on brands that are ethical.
In reality, it is mostly females that have bought our products, so we are thinking about a new strategy to target more male consumers. We don’t just want to sell products to you, we want to create a KC Beauty lifestyle brand and community that uplifts each other and radiates positivity.

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4. Where can the products be bought?
We are in the stages of creating a transactional website so keep your eyes peeled for that. We also want to start a blog so that will be coming soon! At the moment, customers are just using our social media platforms to order products. This is our starting point to where we want to be in the future. Using social media has allowed us to build more personal relationships with our customers and engage with them. For now it is the most cost e ective way so we can invest our pro ts into growing our brand.

5. How is it beneficial to us?
All our ingredients are natural and organic. We try to make our customers aware of these bene ts that come from our products across our social media platforms. For example, one of the main ingredients of our products is coconut oil. The bene ts from just this one ingredient are impressive, it locks in moisture, repairs damaged cells and evens skin tone.

kc beauty interview the other magazine


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