new year, fresh products nateisha monique

New Year, Fresh Products? | NATEISHA MONIQUE

Happy New year if I haven’t said it all over my socials already, how excited are you for 2018 and how is your first 10 days into the New year going? Lets just say my 2018 diary was ready and waiting from December 1st. 2017 was an incredible year and I learnt so much, from completing my masters in journalism to experiencing life independently outside of London - and now trying to conquer the whole adulting thing now.

Every January, I don't know if it ties into the new year and everything needing a renewal but my skincare updates, my fragrance shifts and my routine adjusts. 

I have been using  La Roche Posay for the majority of 2017 and its the perfect routine for my problematic skin, it calms my outbreaks, hydrates my dry skin and softens my sore skin - it essentially takes care of my problems as my skin has its issues. I have found that in between my daily routine, I add in serums, oils and treatments to aid my skin’s issues; so the ROSE HIP OIL, combats my hyper pigmentation and darker areas on my cheeks. The GLAMGLOW oil treatment is a sink in treatment that I use 2-3 times a week and sleep in it, in the morning my skin feels renewed, refreshed and supple. With the winter months wiping away any sort of hydration, I notice that my skin and lips battle with dry areas so my La Roche Posay Serum and Lush Lip scrub removes any dead skin and rejuvenates a fresh layer all the whilst keeping my skin hydrated and relaxed, whilst it battles the British rain. 

Scent wise I have been loving using my YSL Black Opium all year but whilst that perfume is perfect for a night out, I have slowly introduced softer scents into my scent collection. We have Narciso Rodriguez and more recently Missguided’s feminine fragrance, the scent is subtle, soft and sweet - the vanilla notes are perfect for the fragrance to be worn day and night and not be too overpowering.

Do you not agree that there is something amazing about a new year and the need to try out so many new products and new launches. This year I plan to do so much and build on 2017, travelling more, experiencing more, networking more and generally living more - the first year out of education and i’m very much looking forward to it.

new year, fresh products nateisha monique

new year, fresh products nateisha monique


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