interview with rapper eclipse darkness

A Moment with Rapper, Eclipse Darkness.

Meet Greggory Covington, or widely known as Eclipse Darkness. The millennial rapper hit success with his modern tongue-twisting lyrics and driven talents. With the release of his EP on the horizon, Greggory talks about the strive of a modern rap artist, the sound of his new album and how to be successful in a saturated industry.

interview with rapper eclipse darkness

NATEISHA: Okay so first of all tell me about yourself, how did you come about as an artist?

GREGORY: It all started out in middle school leading into high school as I attended Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing & Visual Arts. After attending a few talent shows and showcases, I quickly learned that people really enjoyed my delivery and performance. It didn't take long to realise that I over shadowed my competition, leading to the name "Eclipse Darkness"

N: Wow, what a way to carve your name and working with such incredible artists over the years such as Busta Rhymes and Twista. With Mims in your latest album, what are your next moves within your career?

G: It's been a real blessing to have worked with those artists. I plan on building up my fan base even more as I release high quality music everyone can relate to.You can lookout for me to go back to Toronto in 2018, they showed me so much love. I'll be releasing my EP on the 27th Oct, followed by an album with a few exclusive features at the beginning of the new year. I plan to travel and produce more shows for summer 2018 and in the meantime I'm really pushing my Spotify presence, so I plan to team up with them on the advancement of my career.

N: That is a busy year to come then, tell me about the up and coming EP - whats mood and tone of the album?

G: This project has been a long time coming. I've worked on this project for over 6 months now. One of the songs actually appeared on the "Carter High Movie" Soundtrack. This EP showcases my outgoing upbeat personality. I want my listeners to feel good and motivated to go after whatever it is they want in life and for my music to project that. I always say, "If you like it, then why not make it yours." 

N:  Are you enjoying making and releasing mew music?

G: I love making new music!! I hear the growth in every production. The most exciting part is seeing that my listeners enjoy it as well.

N:  So the time between your last album and newline, what have you been doing?

G: Since my last album I've been working on commercials and radio spots. I'm also an actor as well and appeared on commercials during the big game this year. I worked with Ben Abbott and Associates as well as Brian Loncar's team. In addition to that I've been preparing for 2018. In order to make a stamp in this business you have to stay a step ahead. I've also been enjoying my family a lot more. 

N: It is so important to stay ahead of the game,I completely understand that focus, and as a millennial rapper, you clearly have your talented hands in many industries from acting to releasing merchandise - has it worked for you having so much on as well as being an artist?

G: I've trained all my life to do what I love. I must say it definitely has helped me as an artist. My fans are always amazed by my many talents. I've actually been able to gain music fans through my acting appearances. 

N: What would you say is the hardest thing as an artist in today’s spotlight?

G: Consistency… Consistently putting out high quality material to keep people's attention is one of the most challenging things in today's time. People's attention span has shortened over time, so as an artist you need to come out with a bang and keep your audience's attention by any means.

N:  Starting your career in Dallas is rather out of the ordinary considering so many artists thrive in New York or LA, has your location ever hindered you as a musician?

G: To a certain degree it has, but over the past 2 years traveling has helped me therefore I've been able to get around it. With the internet in today's world you can almost thrive from anywhere.

N: Very true, What are your goals and aspirations?

G: I plan to reach over a million listeners by the end of this year. Win a Grammy. Go platinum on a single released by 2019 and be able to liver comfortably just doing music.

N:  No holding back on the goals then, good for you and how would you motivate young artists today - what would you say to them?

G: Always remain true to yourself. Write out your goals and then create a plan to execute. But don't forget to track your progress. Invest in yourself. You are your greatest investment. Dream your dreams with your eyes closed, but live your dreams with your eyes open.

"If you like it, then why not make it yours." 

NATEISHA: Definitely words to live by, and now final quick fire round…

N: Studio time or perfuming live?

G: Performing live

N: Your favourite artist and song right now?

G: Big Sean - Bounce Back

N: what is something we don’t know about you already?

G: I am my mothers only child

N: Favourite genre of film and what is your favourite film?

G: Comedy, my favourite film has to be "A Thin Line Between Love and Hate" starring Martin Lawrence.

N: Plans for the next year?

G: Be better than I was last year and double my income.

Find Eclipse Darkness on Youtube and Spotify - listen out for his new EP out now.

interview with rapper eclipse darkness

interview with rapper eclipse darkness


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