GFW17: Swarovski International Show THE FASHION CONVERSATION.

This post was published on 16th June 2017 by  The Fashion Conversation.

What a way to end all shows, this season the finalist’s wowed judges with incredible and professional collections. The best 25 students from across the globe had the chance to showcase their designs to a star studded crowd. The atmosphere was buzzing in anticipation for the show, the media streamed in, onlookers filled the seats and the judges took their places all before the students showcased their designs.


Charles Ams stormed the catwalk with a strong men’s collection. The hard wear and silver-detailed leathers all tied into the washed black colour story immediately bringing the heavy metal inspired trend to the catwalk. Throughout his collection, the crushed leathers, heavy detailing and chain effects reminded the audience of the 80s punk era, mixed with precise cuts and sharp tailoring – what a way to celebrate the 80s than with a killer men’s collection.

Aida Mosquera’s collection had a clear futuristic element; the intricate detailing within her collection was what stole the show. The idea of seeing the inside of a clock face weaving its way around the dress set the tone for her whole collection. Her designs gave off the impression of seeing the inner workings the body – especially the twisting and structuring of the materials around the model’s body. The collection was met with muted tones and piping details, certainly focusing her collection on time, the showcase was effortless.

Austin Jonathan Nelson established the epitome of leisure in his catwalk collection. A trend that has now clearly become a staple for many in their wardrobe, hit the runway again with a fresh and modern take on athleisure. High-rise swimming costumes pinned to the body’s form and oversized jackets and shirts easily showing the layering that can successfully take place. Military green, washed whites and pinstripes is a clear indicator as to what is coming regarding the trend.

Iryna Demanchuk successfully managed to make the Polo look suave with her smart and seamless menswear collection of navy, burgundy, cream and a mix of stripes. The outstanding collection made classic Ralph Lauren seem out-dated and with a collection that had every phone camera snapping away, it is not surprising. The collection oozed class and sophistication.

All of the designer’s collections were outstanding, there was tulle skirts, painted canvases and Oriental infused style gracing the catwalk, the collections were an ode to their hard work and the judges had a hard decision in choosing a winner. Each collection stood out on its own and wowed us all before going diming the lights and putting a superb end to a creative week.


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