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This post was published 31st January 2017 for Suitcase Mag.

SUITCASE picks out the top ten most-visited tourist destinations in the world. How many have you been to? And, more importantly, where will be next? These are the must-see places to tick off your list.

Hong Kong

Probably one of the most fascinating cities in the world, Hong Kong cannot fail to thrill each and every visitor. From its towering skyscrapers to its unravelling residential buildings, the city is the perfect place for curious travellers. Cutting-edge cuisine and shopping aside, get lost in the city’s Chinese heritage and colonial past which comes alive when visiting the many museums and concert halls.


Bangkok strikes a cord between the traditional and contemporary. The exquisite craftsmanship of the Buddhist temples and tranquil beauty of the National Park meet the hustle and bustle of markets and a heady nightlife scene. Known for enticing visitors with it’s intoxicating charms, Bangkok is one of those places which you won’t forget soon.


Charming French bistros, endless cups of coffee and meandering walks through the city of romance; for us, Paris is always in fashion. Grand mansion houses line leafy boulevards, while the city is also witnessing a renaissance as new galleries pop up next to well-respected museums and a slew of international restaurants.

Cape Town

A city of creativity, surprises and new beginnings, Cape Town is an urban jungle like no other. Offering a city break, beach holiday and safari adventure all in one, the carefree notion of coastal living and the determined drive of a bustling capital are an infectious mix which make it hard to leave this sunny South African city.


Glassy skyscrapers gleaming in the scorching Middle-Eastern sun and endless white-sand beaches; Dubai is flash, fancy and fashionable. If you manage to tear yourself away from beachside cabanas, this captivating desert city will call you from dawn through until dusk, with shopping and nightlife opportunities unlike anywhere else in the world.


The meeting of two worlds, contemporary European culture blends with traditional Asian heritage in the glorious mishmash that is Istanbul. Stumble across century-old mosques, bustling markets and spectacular churches down the endless narrow cobbled streets – it’s not hard to see why tourists flock here to revel in the many Turkish delights.

New York

Quite confidently one of the most exciting capitals in the world, New York lures in millions of visitors each year. From its easy grid navigation system that takes you from Central Park to the Met museum of Art, the city that never sleeps certainly lives up to its name. But dig a little deeper than the traditional tourist cliches and you will discover much more than yellow cabs, pizza slices and skyscrapers…


Between classical ruins and baroque fountains, Rome more than earns its nickname as ‘the Eternal City’. Spend the day exploring the Colosseum, Sistine Chapel and the Vatican before making a beeline for a traditional courtyard Italian restaurant to gorge on pasta, pizza and negronis.


For its picture-perfect coastline and tranquil culture, Phuket has landed on many people’s travel bucket list. Tuk tuks and longboats will whisk you to the popular spots for snorkelling, windsurfing and sailing, while the traditional streets of the Old Town are a reminder of pre-tourist Thailand.

Kuala Lumpur

Embracing modernity with its vertiginous skyscrapers and cutting-edge technological advancements, Kuala Lumpur is equally rich in grand colonial architecture such as the Sultan Abdul Samad Building. Spend the morning browsing beautifully decorated mosques before seeking respite from the heat in expansive air-conditioned shopping malls.


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