A New Direction.

As I am currently shifting my platform from the usual ‘Fashion blog’ – not that I think there is anything wrong with fashion and personal style blogs, as elements of my space will still implement my lust for all things FASHUN but I have had a huge personal growth shift recently. Not only visually, which you can see from my Instagram but mentally!

I am finding my focus is on content that is substantial; it is worth thinking about and creates a discussion with whoever will listen, hence the lack of posts that I seemed to have churned out 4 times a week in the past. The content I was producing most certainly was entertaining but it didn’t fill the “journalist” void that I have had brewing over the past few months. Not only have I been learning a substantial amount from my MA in Fashion Journalism but I have also been reading a lot more, surrounded by visual and content influencers and undertaken a editorial internship over the past month that has taught me an incredible amount – with a tips post to follow.

I want to alter my platform to engage with creative influencers across the board, create content that sparks discussions and basically write down in fancy terms what is going on in my head.

Lets start of with inspiration!

I read a lot of content and consume a lot of print and digital media, it is part and parcel of being a journalist and being up to date with the world around you. It’s the equivalent of lets say being a Doctor and constantly staying on top of the latest research and medical break-through. When it comes to journalism and especially Fashion Journalism you need to be on top of your game at all times and I learnt this especially when interning at my most recent magazine. Not only for inspiration but also to be aware of what other publications are writing and how you can create the same content but in a unique way. I want this element of my platform to therefore inspire and comment on the world around us – culturally and socially.

Fashion, Personal Style and Beauty is still a HUGE part of what I love and what I want to do but it isn’t ALL that I want to do and to keep up with those shenanigans then my social media platforms are the way forward. This space will comment on more “think” content that I hope you will love also.


Fashion Journalist Graduate with published work and musings around social commentary, fashion and beauty.


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