Gracing the Airs With Nike.

So I think I’ve finally cracked it, my fitness routine that is, mixing weights with High intensity circuits.


For the longest time, I have just focused on cardio or just focused on weights in the gym, and never seemed to gain the right balance and be happy with my fitness routine. But, mixing my styles up has certainly seen the quickest transformation (as well as eating right).

My fitness journey this year, has now become a massive part of my life, Living in London has meant I have been able to try out new classes and new fitness regimes; I’ve battled through Kobox sessions in Chelsea and hit intense spin classes. I find that am the most relaxed, I am so much alert and energised from my sessions and it really is all down to eating right and working out –a post on nutrition and specific workout routines will be in another post.



Staying motivated and staying engaged is key for a long lasting fitness journey, constantly mix up your workouts even if your type of sessions stay the same – so Monday’s is for full body and Tuesday’s is leg day, but constantly vary in your type of workout for the optimum result. I have loved the continuous feel-good mentality post workouts – it has become a healthy addiction to try and feel my best if I can help it.

When it comes to gym attire, I have to have trainers that are comfortable, light and versatile to match my different styles of training and with the Nike Air Max’s, they tick every box in terms of what fits into my gym regime, I can go from circuits on a Wednesday to upper body training on a Thursday and not feel any type of way in terms of comfort or strain. I also find that Nike workout gear works best with my workouts and day to day, their versatile range – from the high- waisted legging (keeping everything tight during a Kettle bell session) or a fitted vest for outdoor running, their workout gear comes highly recommended.

Put together with a simple trench and trousers, the air max's takes you from the gym to the street in a matter of seconds, the slimline fit and minimal colour palette makes it the perfect trainer in terms of strutting around in air's all day - uni? no problem, day of shopping? not an issue! Honestly, I find myself wearing these trainers everyday.

For my fitness motivation, Instagram is my key for motivation and drivers, I love engaging with personal trainers such as Bradley Simmonds, Stefanie Williams and Krissy to name a few. All of their Instagram’s inspire workouts and a positive body image as well as outlook to fitness.

Take small steps and make this year your fittest year yet.

*I am no way a fitness expert but just exposing my thoughts on what has and is working for me, this post was sponsored by JD Sports, but all thoughts are my own*


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