Living On A Budget As A Fashion Journalist.

Living On A Budget As A Fashion Journalist.

Okay, so upon reflection and a few months in to living in London, it can be fair to say my spending habits have adjusted well … quite a lot.

Gone are the days of a student loan that was free to do what I wanted with it (although I saved mine, hence my move to London) and paying no rent with the comfort of my family home. So with that disposable income, lets just say shopping became a habit that I easily got addicted too … and then I just began blogging about the clothes I loved and the style I was into.

As a fashion journalist in training, you most certainly have to keep up with trends and styles and in effect it will rub off on your own wardrobe and that is where the luring doors of shops start to eat at your bank account, because lets face it … fashion is a 24/7 job and many things can be added to the wardrobe.

In all fairness, my style has always been rather minimal and picky, I don’t buy into every trend I see and if I do I style it to tailor my wardrobe …I deviate of point. But as someone living in London, where rent and bills is very much a real thing, clothes had to take a backseat and budgeting became a main priority. Do not get me wrong, I still buy the odd pieces here and there each month, I would call it a treat now rather than “OH, I LIKE THAT, WHERE ARE THE TILLS”, and that means I not only value the pieces I buy, but I know that I really want them as I have most likely been eyeing them up for the few weeks.


It is easy to be into fashion, buying designer or high street pieces that you want, all within a budget. Say you are saving for the highly coveted Gucci belt or JW Anderson bag, or even the Zara booties coming in at a mere £70, these things are all within buying distance, if you budget well. Spend less money on going out, make a green tea at home rather than standing in the queue at Starbucks every morning or even stop wasting money on trend pieces and save for those investment pieces.

Everything and anything can be bought with structure and planning.



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