Learning To Love Yourself.

loving yourself nateisha monique

loving yourself nateisha monique

In this day and age, and I think social media has a massive part to play in this, we really do not appreciate ourselves as much as we seem to appreciate others. What I mean by this is that we scroll through the Instagram feed and double tap on the #GOALS post, whether that be the fitness goals we are inspiring to get to or simply someone we admire.

We do this so often in the day, TRUST ME, I am guilty of this but not often enough do we sit back and look at our own progress or look at ourselves in the mirror and value what looks back at us. I definitely think this is an attribute we learn and adapt the older we get and the more comfortable we feel about ourselves.

loving yourself nateisha monique

For me personally, I find that living a healthy lifestyle and working out regularly is me loving me. Not only does it do wonders for my mental state but also I feel incredible after working out (well after a hot shower if we are being specific). But often it takes finding out what you truly love and making sure you do that on a regular basis. Whether its reading, beauty, fashion or fitness, finding a niche that allows you to love yourself more and appreciate you for you is definitely a step you should take this year.

So with it being Valentine’s day in the next week or so and you aren’t entertaining a meal with someone, take this time to take time out for yourself and live for you.


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