Building the perfect base for Coloured Skin.

Okay ... so excuse me whilst I rant for a moment before I get into the products mentioned but can we have some more readily available products for WOC. Im not really talking about the America audience here because the range of products compared to the UK and its reach is incredible. I look to youtube videos and see brands catering to WOC but I go ahead and buy and Im met with a custom charge beyond belief. I do appreciate brands ( specifically high-end brands) catering to darker skin but can we have as much variety please?


But, the perfect base is important before you build on any look, I think, once you have a perfect base ... any make-up look will look incredible. Not talking about the obvious here because a great and focused skincare routine is the key ( as well as water) for your skin to be at its best. I see my base as paint on a clean canvas, you need the best quality products ... your creating a masterpiece.

The Estee Lauder Double Wear Light & Nars Creamy Concealer combined is the perfect coverage. ( To Note: my skin is combination/oily so I don't like my coverage to be to thick), both blended with a beauty blender, creates a perfect base.

To make my eyes pop or to seriously get rid of my bad undereyes, Bobbi Brown's under eye concealer is THE BOMB. Blended with a concealer buffer, the creamy consistency really does brighten the under eye area. With the base locked down and the eyes plumped, it is definitely needed to powder the face ( especially for us oily girls). Very much a drugstore product, the collection Sheer powder is perfect, the translucent consistency locks in every element of oil that may leave during the day.

To bring the dimension back into my face, Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer & Laura Geller 'Guilded Honey' highlight, sharpen and brighten my face like never before.


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  1. 20/02/2017 / 14:31

    PREACH! I feel like I’ve been feeling this way/saying this for years but STILL nothing, why isn’t there more of a variety?? Nars sheer glow and Mac longwear concealer is my current fave combo and I love it! Double Wear is also one of my faves as that foundation will stay on my face by force, it’s so good.


    • Nateisha
      28/02/2017 / 18:06

      It is crazy to think that especially with what is happening with women in today’s movement! They are incredible

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