Being Productive with Glassesshop.

2017 has set in and although the past month may have been organised for some, February is here and it gives us that chance to re-organise ourselves, so with that in mind I wanted to bring a post to you and share thoughts and ideas in being productive and making the most of a fresh year.

As you can probably see the blog has had a slight makeover with an incredible thanks to the guys at Pipdig - I can always count on them. Although I briefly covered in my last post the changes that will be taking place on this platform, I wanted to touch base further on thoughts and trials for the New Year. Coming out of university (although I am currently studying my masters) has been a shift that no doubt any student will have to adjust to, that combined with working more and living on my own is proving challenging but also very rewarding and I am loving it, but you realise that your motivation, determination and focus has to be a main focus in order to carry a blog, a career and a masters (well for myself anyway).

I definitely took the Christmas break as time to wind down and relax and coming out of the holiday season with a to-do list longer than my arm with assignments, blog content and work, it really is time to use my time more wisely and be more productive. For myself, writing things down really does help the overflow of thoughts in my mind, once I have written a list of what actually needs doing and the deadlines beside it, I find that I can tackle pretty much everything and in the required time possible.


To be your most productive however you need to find what suits your schedule and helps you focus. For me, that includes my phone at my side, well if its blog content I am writing but when it comes to uni assignments that phone screen has to turn itself around, a fully charged laptop, music in ear and glasses on. With my glasses on, the function of productivity is endless as I can say goodbye to those migraines after a good few hours glaring at a laptop screen. So when the reached out to me in order to try out their eyeglasses online I jumped at the chance to see the quality styles available that were eye-doctor recommended. With so many glasses and prescription sunglasses styles available it is so hard to choose a style but the classic aviator style certainly was added straight into the basket and has never left my face since.

The are offering readers a special coupon code ‘GSHOT50’ for 50% off any eyeglasses or sunglasses online with frames included.

Use the coupon code at the checkout, this offer excludes sales frames but happy shopping and hoping you are a glasses or sunglasses wearer, you will have the perfect frames to help you be more productive this year.


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  1. Kate says:

    Gorgeous frames! :)


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