Diversity in 2016.

Diversity in 2016.


Okay, so I need to address a few things before this post takes on momentum.

numero uno: I am apologising for sparse blog posts here and there but combining a MA, working and adulating in the big smoke has caused posts to slow down over here but the blog is constantly on my mind as I am planning its expansion over the next year ... just you wait. 

A few days have blown over on possibly the most disruptive news since Brexit and whilst I don't want to get into the politics of the American election, the aftermath has made me think over a few issues that span the fashion industry, the beauty industry and life itself and the question I continually find myself pondering is the lack of acceptance behind diversity in 2016  correction 2017 in albeit a month or so?

I think when I tackle this question, I argue more than the obvious complexion of race, but size, gender, trends and culture that so many people are opinionated by and so many people are offended and ignorant by ... social media can clearly be the first outlet by that. As a black woman my frustration in seeing the lack of diversity amongst the mainstream media is a serious concern and no I am not talking about the celebrities that are taking covers on magazines! I do appreciate when black men and women are advocates for my race on mainstream magazines take Michelle Obama on American Vogue this month but this is not the everyday?

I look around today and see the everyday woman barely being translated across the mainstream media and that is where my frustrations lie. Yes women like Michelle Obama are empowering and inspirational but is it obtainable, in my opinion and in todays day and age, I want to see the everyday black woman taking centre stage and owning it, I want the everyday black woman to be the obtainable and achievable black woman, I am talking a lot about black women but this is all i know, yet this process of diversity can be translated across any boundary of race, gender, size and trend ... I think its about time in 2016, that we can put the everyday person as an advocate for diversity in the mainstream media and run with it.

There are so many grey areas when it comes diversity and so many gaps in the market for the real life woman, man, race, gender, size to come through and I think we are just reaching the moment where things need to change. I constantly look at what is currently being set before us, I love the idea that make-up ranges are starting to cater to diverse colour tones but there just is not enough brands taking on this challenge in the UK markets. I sift through magazines like Vogue & Elle and constantly see the same faces and its nullifying ... when can we meet the next movement of diversity?

Its just an idea, a vision but an element I think is extremely important to put in place heading in 2017 ... a movement of diversity shall we say.



  1. 30/11/2016 / 12:16

    I agree, change is necessary and I think we’re still at the stage where if a woman of colour is on the cover of Vogue it is celebrated, praised and emphasised, it is not the norm. I want it to be the norm, I want to get to the point where women and men of colour are featured everywhere, in movies, magazines, awards shows, programmes, the news, everywhere, and for no-one to bat an eyelid. I hope 2016 brings us closer to that, thank you for sharing, hope you will follow me back on Bloglovin’ if you aren’t already, have a great day xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    • Nateisha
      30/11/2016 / 15:25

      Thank you so much for this inspiring comment and a view I 100% agree with! i definitely will xxx

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