*Polka Dots.

Shirt and blouses, plain or printed are a great mix to have in the wardrobe and are so handy when it comes to styling an outfit together.

I have for the longest time been looking for the perfect printed shirt that still offers up a statement but stills fit with my wardrobe and a blouse that says “Hello Im Here!” without being too outlandish is the perfect one for me.


Talk about a demand I needed fulfilling with this shirt, but it certainly comes through for my extensive criteria.

The fit is perfect, sizing up certainly offers up the freedom to move in it and that slightly oversized look tucked into a pair of jeans … I am all for.


Can we also discuss these ballerina flats, okay so these are clear dupes for the miu miu ones, but still catching my eye, I am in love with them. Simple on the eye yet unique for the best outfits.


Shop the post.

Shirt- c/o Shein, Jeans – Topshop & Shoes – Zara.


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