Anarchy Street.

Anarchy Street mantra is the focus on yourself and not to follow trends but to set them.

The brand created by the super talented Dani Song reflects the generation of today! Individual, modern and timeless. With pieces that tailor to every individual there is not a piece that doesnt represent you.

With jewellery usually being a last priority on my list, simple pieces that take little to no hassle in co-ordinating with an outfit is the perfect way to incorporate those little unique accessories.

The Triangle Pull stackable set combines dainty & classic, simple yet effective in creating a signature modern look. With the celine-esque knot banded bracelet around my wrist the two pieces combined create the effortless look that Anarchy Street stands for.

Get your hands on the gorgeous pieces over at Anarchy Street & with the discount code Nateisha20 at the checkout for 20% off.


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