Books of the month.

Books of the month.

march favs

Its that time again to spring together my favourite books of the month.

As final year is slowly winding down ( I cannot even believe how quickly uni has flown by, just to graduate and then start my masters in September ) I have had the time to read books of my choice and boy have I been indulging in this opportunity. I have a shelf in my bookcase dedicated to books that I haven’t had chance to read yet and lets just say I am halfway through and thoroughly need another trip to Waterstones ASAP.

I do appreciate that with my course I have been able to read books that I wouldn’t have usually looked too, Walter Mosely’s Devil In A Blue Dress has been a text that caught me racing through the pages, a modern take on the detective crime stories, you will find yourselves caught up in the story and the pace of it before you realise it was over. Definitely a catch up on the modern American crime story, definitely take a peek.

Right, hold the horse here! Where have been when this book was being fling around on conversation, The Girl on the train is so gripping! I am one of those who don’t buy into the type as it is happening but I wish I had found this book earlier, by the first page I was hooked! Honestly, ignore the hype around the text and just read it, I was blown away and the twist at the end … I won’t give any spoilers but boy wouldn’t you be surprised.

Going back to one of my, if not my favourite type of historical texts, that being Ancient Chinese and Japanese history, The Concubine of Shanghai was a really enjoyable read, I would have to admit the first 200 pages or so are the best parts of the book, towards the end it did get a tad boring but the story dropped that many twists and turns that I had to keep on reading it.

I am currently making my way through one of my favourite author’s novel’s Go Set A Watchman, Ill report back in April.

I wish I could go into all the books I have read over the last few weeks but this post would never end.

What books have you been reading?


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