Fashion Week Preparations.

Fashion Week Preparations.

fashion week

So as some of you may or may not know ( as if we don’t know) its fashion week just around the corner for New York, London, Paris and Milan and its bringing in the trends for SS16. But as a blogger it important to keep up to date with the fast pace and long hours that go along with fashion week, this is a quick step guide to surviving Fashion week, See you there!

Bring two pairs of shoes

If shows are back to back and your required to be heading to separate ends of the spectrum ( lets talk the width of the city) then heels really aren’t that practical! Don’t get me wrong they serve a purpose in front of the cameras but they aren’t always worth he pain. For me, a good pair of pointed flats do the job just as well and 100 brownie points for comfort, the new Louboutin flats are a prime example of this. If heels are your thing then carry a bag that allows for you to throw a pair of comfy shoes or trainers as you are heading in between shoes … bringing onto my next point.

Carry a tote

Something smart and to your taste but a tote bag is very useful, the tote can not only carry your spare shoes but your camera if its a DSLR, an umbrella and anything that doesn’t fit in your clutch or small bag of choice. It can easily be popped to the side when pictures become a priority.

Carry a notebook, pen & business cards

Notebooks are useful for quickly coping down anything interesting that you see throughout day or throughout the shows, its a great way of collecting on the spot thoughts and when you get to a time of copying it onto your blog, there a notes ready. Business cards are also useful for networking, probably one of the best times to network is fashion week with all fashion eyes on the shows, the media and the coverage, so save the pen and napkin approach and present yourself as a potential client worth working with.

Electrical Essentials

PHONE CHARGER, PHONE CHARGER, PHONE CHARGER! like no other, even a portable charger is perfect for this! I would say that social media throughout shows is what engages you with your followers on social media, you want them to feel as though they are at your side so keep Instagram and Twitter alive with a fully charged phone.

Beauty Essentials

A little compact bag with all your little bits is perfect for on the go!A compact powder, lipstick, batting paper and probably sunglasses is perfect for still looking put together after a 8 hour + day.

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